Waiting for someone to save me-but no one's ever there


Right Way

Posted by Burumun on April 3, 2012 at 2:50 PM

Go ahead, say what you want

Finally I know better

Soon you’ll say forget her


No way Imma go runnin back

To anyone, yah I know

I can feel better on my own


Both feet on the ground in front of me

My open future’s all that I can see

Turn my head and you’re nowhere in sight


He be fine and maybe he’s good, but

No way I’d be letting him try and cut

Me, I been cut too many times, alright


Been a long year, lotta lefts, lotta rights

But all I’d ever turn was wrong

Try’n a get back where I was before

Try’n a get where I belong


You left me alone with my feelins running

Burnin me up inside

Now when lookin back, they can say what they want

At least I know they’ll say I tried


Beat me down and left me on the floor

Not important anymore

Not to you, now not to me

I can say


I don’t care anymore, But I

I gotta come clean

Don’t know what you mean


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, cause I

Hear ‘em say it’s easy

But understand me


When I cry it’s just longer

Till the inevitable

I got it under control

Don’t tell me which way to go

I go on my own


Callin me crazy, but

No one I wanna trust

They all let me down, u know

I can feel better on my own




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