Waiting for someone to save me-but no one's ever there


Cover Up

Posted by Burumun on April 3, 2012 at 2:50 PM

“I wanna be in love again

Find my knight in shinin armor

What if I said I think I found him

You may be my savior


Course I’m tryn hard to keep it to myself

Why should I tell my secrets to anybody else

Least of all you


Don’t know what to say

Baby its truth

Tryna keep it that way


Why say

What you don’t wanna hear

Just cause I feel this way

Don’t mean you’ll appear


Its all in my head

Not my heart

That’s what they’re tryin to tell me

Its tearin me apart


But still its not real

Im just a girl whos learnin

What its like to feel


But no

Im not gonna say

I feel this way”


Tryin hard to cover up

Aware of my feelins when your around

Feel like im naked in front of the crowd

But you wouldn’t know, you don’t have the eyes

To see me here, when to me it’s clear


“          “


Not gonna say I feel this way

Not gonna say I feel this way


Some days are harder than others

When I get the urge to touch your hand

And if I should slip out of my cover

Im prayin, maybe, baby, you’ll understand


“          “




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