Waiting for someone to save me-but no one's ever there


Wed. 9/27 All day Austin's Birthday

It's Austin's birthday today!!  :)

Tue. 10/31 All day Halloween

For those of you who don't know what Halloween is, dress up in a costume tonight and go out trick-or-treating. Or, TP someone's house. :P

Sat. 11/4 All day Nana's Birthday

My grandmother's  birthday is today

Mon. 12/4 All day Zach's Birthday

It's Zach's birthday today...

Mon. 12/25 All day Christmas

Giving and getting presents, spending time with family, getting up early and flinging wrapping paper all around the room. What's Christmas about? Joy. :lol:

Sat. 12/30 All day Edy's Birthday

MY birthday is today! Yay! :P

Mon. 1/1 All day Linda's Birthday

My grandma's birthday is today, on the new year.

All day New Year

IT'S A NEW YEAR, GUYS! I hope you made your new year resolutions.

Wed. 2/14 All day Valentine's Day

My favorite holiday. Spend as much time as you can with your special someone. Show them how much you love them in your own way.  <3

Thu. 2/15 All day Michael's Birthday

Today is Michael's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!

Wed. 3/14 12:00 AM Laura's Birthday

My aunt's birthday is today!

Fri. 3/16 All day Sarah's Birthday

Sarah's birthday is today! Buy the girl a present!

Sat. 3/24 All day Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday is today!

Fri. 5/4 All day National Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you, for all you Star Wars geeks out there...

Mon. 5/7 All day Roger's Birthday

My little bro's birthday is today!

Wed. 5/9 All day Mother's Day

Give your mother flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed, a card, something to remind her how much you love her, how much she means to you.

Thu. 5/31 All day Memorial Day

Remember all of the veterans that have died for our country, as well as those still alive to remember.

All day Odeh's Birthday

Today is Odeh's birthday. Yay!

Wed. 6/20 All day Father's Day

You guys, hang out with your dads today, play some catch. Girls, give your big daddy a hug and a kiss. Show some appreciation! 

Sun. 6/24 All day Jose's Birthday

Happy birthday! I love you...

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